OLIVER in Chile: Deportes Recoleta joins OLIVER to continue innovating

Deportes Recoleta

Football has always been a passion in these latitudes, and now technology is becoming an increasingly important tool for teams and players as well. Deportes Recoleta joins OLIVER to stay at the forefront of new technologies and provide the best tools to its players and coaching staff.

Clear objectives and results in sight

Although being a very young team, the club has never stopped growing since its opening. After the foundation in 2014, the club managed to reach the second category of Chilean football, the Primera B de Chile.

Having started in the fifth category of Chilean football, in less than 9 years Deportes Recoleta climbed to the professional football of the Second Division. Thanks to good management and great campaigns, the club proved that it is only a matter of time until it reaches the top category. That’s why OLIVER´s arrival at the club comes to continue to improve and achieve the best possible results.

deportes recoleta chile
Deportes Recoleta already plays its matches using OLIVER, the device that is placed in a shin guard stock.

OLIVER, the GPS devices that Sports Recoleta needed

After a season where injuries became a headache for the players and the coaching staff, Deportes Recoleta decided to bet on OL3IVER which reduces up to 45% of muscle injuries. Thanks to load control, personalized player monitoring, injury dashboard, and the "return to play" metric, OLIVER has positioned itself as the best solution to this problem that is so common in modern football.

"OLIVER has been a very positive contribution to the club. Meaning, we will continue on our path of innovating, delivering the best for our players, and improving performance through our achievements. We want to be a club that is increasingly developed, at the forefront of technological issues” 
José Guerra, Physical Trainer of Deportes Recoleta (Chile)


In addition, the other objective of the club was to enhance performance to continue making history in Chilean football. In this way, for a couple of months now, the coaching staff has been working with OLIVER, and the results are in plain sight.


Chilean football: OLIVER gets increasingly present

OLIVER is starting to make a strong impact, and 2023 will be a year in which the company will continue to conquer teams and players in Chilean football. Teams such as Deportes Recoleta and Simón Bolívar are already using OLIVER for both their training and matches. In addition, football academies have also incorporated GPS devices to monitor players and enhance their performance.

For their part, Chilean players from all over the world also use OLIVER. Examples of this are Javiera Toro at UDG Tenerife (First Division of Spain), Sonya Keefe and Bárbara Santibáñez at Cacereño Femenino (Second Division of Spain), and Benji Sierra at Xbuyer Team and Kunisports (Kings League).

"OLIVER is something new and truly very comfortable. The information it gives you is extremely intuitive and clear. Being footballers, it is very important to keep track of our performance” 
Bárbara Santibáñez, player of CP Cacereño and the Chile Women's National Team


The Brain Lab: OLIVER's official representative in Chile

The Brain Lab, specialists in sports innovation project management, will be the company in charge of bringing OLIVER to every corner of the country, advising every club and academy, so that OLIVER continues to fulfill its mission of democratizing access to technology to all sectors of football.

Thanks to their constant commitment to quality and knowledge in technology and sports, they are the perfect candidates to fulfill the role of official representatives for the entire Chilean territory.

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