The Depo Maldonado: How it went from being left without a field to being the sensation team of Uruguay

Deportivo Maldonado - Tecnología GPS

The team from Maldonado arrived with chances of winning until the last date of the Uruguayan First Division tournament, and achieved its best position in history. The step by step on how the use of technology, accompanied by an orderly management of the club, brought results that will remain written forever in the Depo books.

On the verge of disappearance.

Deportivo Maldonado lost its legendary playing field in 2003, the "Ginés Cairo Medina" Stadium, due to debts in an auction. In 2005 it disaffiliated from the A.U.F (Football regulator in Uruguay) for the same reasons and caused them to spend a full season without competing, until returning in the 2006-07 season amongst ongoing economic pressure.

When the club was left without its stadium and without competing, it truly hit rock bottom. Had it not been for the efforts of fans and the people who take care of the club every day, El Depo wouldn't exist today. On the other hand, the positivity of hitting rock bottom meant they couldn’t go any lower, you can simply disappear or go up. With the loyalty of those who never let go of Rojiverde's hand, disappearing was not an option.

Innovation as a flag.

Deportivo Maldonado was the first SAD (Company that manages a football club) registered in the AUF, something historic and that would mark a trend in Uruguayan football. With the contribution of English capital and the leadership of Malcom Caine, the club began a stage where order and business management would accommodate the club's structure and return to being a competitive team.

Secondly, the innovatively incorporated OLIVER, our GPS tracking system that monitors every detail of the players, thus adding a key tool in the Deportivo Maldonado that we see today.

Deportivo Maldonado & OLIVERFor both training and matches, players use OLIVER to measure their metrics.

Technology as a winning tool.

Deportivo Maldonado incorporated OLIVER when it was in the second division. It is worth mentioning that it was a rare contribution and effort for clubs that are outside the highest category, but the leaders understood that to reach the First Division they should bet on First Division tools.

OLIVER was the tool that both the coaching staff and the players and managers used to monitor performance and prevent injuries. Typically, these are a high cost for teams, since they not only keep players off the field, but also endure medical costs as in high competition they are not marginal at all.

Deportivo Maldonado Uruguay

We found in OLIVER the ideal technology for the club. A tool that has just what is necessary to be able to work with much more precision, especially in the management of intensities and load control - Carlos Garayalde - P.F. of the first team.

Historical performance and looks to the future.

A third place that had a bittersweet taste, because dates prior to the definition had Deportivo Maldonado as the leader, it is proof that work and effort pay off. The history of this season also sets the course to understand the new objectives of the club, where international cups and upcoming competitions appear where they will once again seek to overcome the "greats" and achieve the long-awaited title.


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