GPS Technology: Great changes within reach for every football club.

GPS Technology In Soccer

GPS technology in football has become increasingly popular due to the vast number of benefits it offers. OLIVER is an Argentine company with a strong presence in Spain whose device is accessible to teams at all levels. In this article, we'll discuss the advantages and opportunities that the use of GPS technology provides for football clubs where financial resources are limited.

While the most well-known benefits of the technology are improving football performance, monitoring player performance and preventing injuries (up to 45% in the case of OLIVER),  there are many more benefits that clubs can enjoy for an affordable cost. 

Improvement in Training Planning and Monitoring

GPS technology allows for a precise and detailed measurement of player activities during training and matches. With OLIVER, both physical trainers and coaches can plan and adjust training according to each player's individual needs, avoiding physical overloading. Additionally, they can monitor player progress and make more informed and effective training decisions.

Greater Objectivity in Player Evaluation

OLIVER provides objective and accurate data on player performance, allowing for a much more professional evaluation. This way, coaches can compare player performance in aspects such as distance covered, speed, and fatigue. Additionally, OLIVER allows for comparisons by position, putting the most relevant aspects under the microscope when preparing for a match.

"I think these are very interesting data, especially for the physical trainer and coach. As players, we mainly observe speed, distance covered, and accelerations, although there are many metrics to analyze" says Lluc Parera, player and captain of Noia Portus Apostoli.

Lluc Parera: Writing History with Noia & OLIVER.

Improved Communication Between Coaches and the Squad

GPS technology also helps improve communication between players and the coaching staff. With OLIVER, coaches can share performance reports with players, allowing them to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Players can also access their performance data, which increases their motivation and commitment to training. Healthy competition is another benefit a club can promote by incorporating GPS technology.

Innovation and Accessibility

OLIVER was designed with a gender perspective and innovative placement: the leg. Additionally, it is accessible for any team, including small football clubs with limited resources or those with few years of existence.

"OLIVER has not only democratized the use of technology for performance improvement and parameter measurement, but it has done so with excellent levels of biomechanics, ergonomics, and measurement. Its science has allowed, with an appropriate combination of parameters and systematic analysis, to provide value in injury prevention" Fernando Pons Ortega, President of the Sport Extremadura Femenino.


The OLIVER platform is highly intuitive and has personalized attention from the Customer Support team, making it not necessary to hire a data analysis specialist. This represents a considerable saving for clubs.

Digital Kit, the possibility of obtaining OLIVER free of charge: In short, the Spanish government supports clubs with fewer resources to acquire OLIVER for free to advance their journey of innovation and digitization. If you want to receive more details, you can complete this form. An OLIVER representative will contact you.

If you want to learn more about OLIVER and its solution for clubs, visit our website.

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