GPS tracker OLIVER: 4 types of customized access to the platform for club members

GPS tracker OLIVER: 4 types of customized access to the platform for club members

Performance measurement has become a central part of daily routines of players, coaches,  technical and medical staff:

Nowadays football clubs can obtain a huge amount of data thanks to GPS trackers. Tools like OLIVER came to revolutionize football with the aim of enhancing each team member's work, adapting to their needs in a segmental way. 

A huge advantage of OLIVER is that key club members who use GPS trackers can access the information obtained from each player according to their task and objective. It facilitates the work, turning that large amount of data into knowledge that serves to carry out each task.

Here are the 4 different types of customized access to the OLIVER platform, and its functionality:


#1: Sports managers

  • Possibility to access the data of all the teams that use the tracker. 
  • Get objective information to make scouting decisions, team building, player promotions to others clubs and much more.
  • Compare teams performances

club view ENGL(Club profile: teams metrics and comparassions)

Player profile(Player profile)

#2: Coaches and technical staff

  • Visualize the team and players performance.
  • Possibility to make recommendations and suggestions about what the player should work on.
  • Comparative visualization of the performance of own players with others in professional leagues.

Metrics per minute-11-1(Team dashboard)

(Metric per minute: This allows deeper analysis of team performance)


#3: Medical staff

  • Access the player’s injury history and evolution.
  • Health monitoring.

For more information on injury prevention, we recommend reading our article "Injuries reduced by 45% due to load measurement"

lesiones Eng(Injury board with injury evolution and estimated returning time )


#4: Players

  • Access your own metrics in a simple way.
  • Self-knowledge of performance and performance.
  • See a record of evolution over time.
  • Load RPE (perceived effort) and emotions into the session.
  • Comparative performance with teammates.

Innovative tools like OLIVER come to facilitate work processes: 

Being able to have all the collected data at your fingertips and stored for life, with the possibility of analyzing hundreds of metrics and preventing injuries modernizes and elevates the sport.

This takes on even more value by giving the possibility of access and analysis to many members of the club structure, so that each one uses this data and contributes what they do best for the good of the group.


Much more info in: tryoliver.com

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