Why Do We Celebrate International Women’s Football Day?

International Women’s Football Day

Every year, on May 23, a very special date is honored by those who enjoy the most beautiful sport in the world: the International Women's Football Day. Discover why the celebration was created and how people commemorate it.

CONCACAF, the Originator of the Celebration

It was the The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football that established this famous date that later got spread to the rest of the world. Taking into account that women's football did not originate in the American continent, it is surprising that it was the CONCACAF that created the celebration almost 10 years ago.

In 2014, Jeffrey Webb, the CONCACAF president at the time, made the statement at the seminar “Let's Develop Women's Football“ (held in Philadelphia) that his goal was to ”inspire the younger generations to take the game to a new level".

“It is essential that the progress of women's football continues, and that the confederation keeps creating programs for its development. My initiative was and still is the same – that everyone who has a passion for football has the opportunity to access the king sport” Jeffrey Webb commented at the time.

The following year, FIFA decided to continue with the initiative and, year after year, it became a tradition which is now celebrated and commemorated by the whole football community. Today, the International Women's Football Day is one of the most important dates in the calendar among football players and fans.

Just like that, with the help from CONCACAF and the participation of figures such as Megan Rapinoe, Hope Solo, Sydney Leroux, and Alex Morgan, the commemoration of this day began to seek growth and equality in a discipline that, undoubtedly, has no limits.

fifa womens world cup 2023
​​This year, May 23rd is particularly memorable, since it is the year of the World Cup and women's football is sure to make history again as it did in France in 2019. Photo: FIFA

OLIVER’s Mission in Women’s Football

Ever since OLIVER’s launch more than 5 years ago, its mission has always been clear: to democratize access to elite technology to all sectors of football. In that sense, OLIVER was steadily becoming an accessible tool to all clubs, stepping up strongly in women's football.

oliver gps
The placement of the GPS on the leg is OLIVER's most valuable distinctive feature when it comes to women's football.

OLIVER’s GPS was designed with a gender perspective: accessibility and inclusion are not just a matter of costs and prices; OLIVER opted for women's football at the very moment the placement for the GPS was decided. With the help of this novelty, thousands of women can now access a device that is not placed in a vest (causing problems with comfort and usability). They chose OLIVER's GPS because of its inclusiveness in the design and the adaptability of thresholds to women's football.

Today, European and American professional and semi-professional women's football teams, playing both traditional football and Futsal, use OLIVER. In addition, in many cases they are introduced to this GPS Technology for the first time, which makes inclusion and professionalization of sports much more possible.

Learn more about OLIVER’s proposition for women’s football.

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